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Implosionworld's 1999 documentary What A Blast has been nominated as part of Unapix Entertainment's Ultimate DVD Platinum in the 'Best Technical Achievement' category of the prestigious 2000 Discus Awards for Creative Excellence.

Ultimate DVD Platinum was released in 1999 to showcase the revolutionary audio and video capabilities of the new DVD format. The program is a compilation of segments from many current DVD releases, and is billed as "an unprecedented collection of sights and sounds, gathered from around the world, that showcase the finest work of some of the world's greatest producer, artists and engineers."

In selecting the "best of the best" for this production, Unapix requested two tracks from Architecture In Motion, a popular segment of the What A Blast series. Silver Siren and Jungle Journey, which were produced by Cam Garrett and Brent Blanchard, feature dozens of blasting projects set to the music of Tangerine Dream. Both tracks were selected to showcase the high-end DTS audio capabilities of the DVD format.

Ultimate DVD Platinum has the distinction of being the only non-theatrical release nominated in the 'Best Technical Achievement' category. The other nominees are A Bug's Life, Austin Powers, and The Matrix.

Winners will be announced at a ceremony later this year.

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